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19 Apr 2023

Bukzin Keyz ROCK Pella

Obakeng Mmulatsi wellknown as Bukzin Keyz of  Letlhakane Pella Village managed to enter the dog eat dog music industry at the age of 17 years ...

Obakeng Mmulatsi wellknown as Bukzin Keyz of Letlhakane Pella Village managed to enter the dog eat dog music industry at the age of 17 years ...


COVID19 PANDAMIC INTRODUCED lifestyle habit was bad and left many in distress, majority of artist left without income, innovation of real creativity had to be implemented for artist survival. During this difficult era Obakeng Mmulatsi well known as Bukzin Keyz of  Letlhakane Pella Village managed to enter the dog eat dog music industry at the age of 17 years , at the moment he is 19 years.

Bukzin Keyz discovered his creative music talent and he started writing lyric and creating melodies. At the age of 17 he started as experimental and did his first debut solo titled Stimela sa Diperekisi (Train of Peaches). “I was inspired by my village environment as almost every house had fruit plant and peaches for that matter. Majority of worker in my village possessed agricultural skills.  Today as a passionate and energetic creative musician I have released popular track to my fans title Goankgaa!!!

“I am in the process of learning. Learning to do things on my own with guidance from those who know better than me, my music is Bolo Mapiano. Bolo is a creative rhythm that form basic sound of my music, age still in my side and I am building up my hopeful career stating from my home village where I have fans and supports. There are lots of critics around and I am also learning to deal fairly with such critics as is part of my journey, life is not about complains only we must complement where complement is due. My village looks like a forgotten and hopeless home but my generation we are here to make a living statement and no apology for representing kasi yaka Letlhakane-Pella. Leaders are born in place like Letlhakane- Pella where we used what we have to get our needs. 

“When I was young, I used to create beats with my mouth, creating instruments; I knew how to perform any beat using my mouth, that how I realized that I can make my own songs. I don’t study music, it just come in my mind hence I call myself a creative musician. One of my biggest breaks was performance in Dinokana in Zeerust  I do music as my passion and do it as business with aim to make peoples happy ”,said Bukzin Keyz.

Bukzin Keyz added saying want to be recognized as a creative song writer, creative music producer and creative performer. He is working with his friends Ma Gu Ra and my writing is all about my generational life experiences and expectations, Matate waitsi fun and entertainment. 

“For now I am still enjoying support I receive from my local fans through them I am able to get booking around and perform in exchange of money no free performance as I must also buy grocery at home and help my siblings. I don’t have studio but has proper place where I do produce my sound, one of my ambition is to own my music recording studio and music recording company where I will be able to help those young and upcoming wannabe musicians.

“Like any many young musicians I am not associated with any royalties collecting society and not sure on how they operate from where but Bukzen Key music is available on digital platforms and royalties will be paid straight to him by those who used his music, sentiment share by many young musicians,” he added. 

He used to work with DJ Tation, Potso Da Quevy, Dr Nel, Skhwama Dance and Thabzo De Queen but now he working solo on his production.   He concluded by saying people can access his music on platforms such as YouTube and Media Fire.



25 Feb 2023

Inspired by Tupac Shakur

The Pella-Mmatlhako born Keabetswe McDonald Ngobeni aka King Vee (Virus) is using hip hop or motswako to send the message to his audience and fans.

The Pella-Mmatlhako born Keabetswe McDonald Ngobeni aka King Vee (Virus) is using hip hop or motswako to send the message to his audience and fans.


A NEW KID on the block has just arrived and he is here to stay and shake the hip-hop music industry. The Pella-Mmatlhako-born Keabetswe McDonald Ngobeni aka King Vee (Virus) is using hip hop or motswako to send a message to his audience and fans.

 King Vee who is a teacher by profession, followed the footsteps of the legends in the music industry like the king of Pantsula Eugene Mthethwa a lawyer, the late Steve Kekana also a lawyer, Tshidi Mholo of Malaika studied Business Management, Yvonne Chakachaka Mhinga is a teacher by profession to inspire other artists about the importance of education. Even other younger artists like Gigi Lamayne have a degree in Media and Anthropology, iFani has a Computer Science degree now is busy with PHD, and Nadia Nakai has Marketing Communications and Media Studies to name a few on a growing list.

In an interview with Pako Community Newspaper this hip-hop artist said he fell in love with hip-hop back in 2005 after hearing Tupac’s song Life goes on. He was inspired by Tupac Shakur down from the grave 11 years after the American hip-hop artist died on Friday the 13 September 1996.

“Tupac Shakur has inspired me to be a hip hop artist with his song Life goes on, indeed life goes on. My latest song is Pretty miss which drives my fans crazy. I usually perform at local events around the community and hip-hop events with upcoming artists in places like Pella, Letlhakane, Ntsweletsoku, Koffiekraal and other areas.

“Hip hop is not just a music genre it is a culture that includes music, fashion, language and lifestyle in general, it doesn’t know boundaries as it is a force of revolution on its own. Hip-hop culture is all about people, especially the youth expressing their experiences, emotions, thinking, hopes and visions. My songs are all about hardships, the goodness of love, and the daily challenges of life in the village such as unemployment, early teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and others. We use hip-hop to express our feelings by praising good deeds and condemning evil in our society. We also use this music to express our feelings to those we love,” said King Vee.

His goal is to push his music to be played in every corner of South Africa and create progressive opportunities for upcoming artists as a composer, songwriter and beatmaker.  Those who want to book King Vee can call him on 067 102 4689









10 Feb 2023

Jakarumba’s roots are in Pella


IF A HISTORY book can be written about kwaito, it will not be complete without mentioning the names of Trompies and Jairus Ditshotlo Nkwe aka Jakarumba the product of Pella village in the North West. Jakarumba is the grandson of Matlhako (another name for Pella) both his parents Kurupu and Letlantleng Nkwe were born and bred in the village. In an interview with Jakarumba who was born in Meadowland, Soweto he started entertainment at an early age as a dancer.

“I started as a dancer at stokvels, weddings, and other gatherings around Soweto to earn school pocket money. After completing my matric, I would go on to work as a technician for Canon and Panasonic. While working as a technician, At the age of 19 years old I still was passionate about entertainment working part-time on music and continuing to dance as the principal dancer of a studio located on Mooi Street, Jo’burg.

“It was at this stage in his life that I managed to get my first formal introduction into entertainment when Sello ChiccoTwala would enlist me as his choreographer. Through his enlisting by Twala, I would invite Mandla “Spikiri” Mofokeng to be part of his dance crew. This would mark our lifelong friendship and musical journey which continues today,” said Jakarumba.

Initially reluctant to do so, it was through the encouragement of his peers that Jakarumba overcame his fear of being centre stage. Not long after, in 1994, Trompies was born, consisting of founding members including Spikiri, Zane "Mahoota" Sibika, Eugene "Donald Duck" Mthethwa and Emanuel "Mjokes" Matsane. The group consisted of friends and music contemporaries with the same synergy.

Together, they initially created a recording company called Jazmee, based on the first initial of Trompies members' names. Recognising the power of collaboration, Jazmee joined forces with Oskido, Don Laka and Bruce "Dope" Sebitlo of Kalawa, which was the birth of the most respected, local, black-owned recording company, Kalawa Jazmee.

In his personal life, Jakarumba is a father of four and a mentor to hundreds more. His parent’s emphasis on the importance of education is one he instils in both his biological children and mentees.

Speaking about his roots Jakarumba said, “Pella is my home, my origin. I am frequently in Pella when I am not working in Joburg. What I like about Matlhako I visit my relatives and learn about my culture as Mokwena”.

Back to talking about his career as a solo artist has released two albums including 2002’s Problem Child, 2012’s Commander of the Dance Floor, and scores of hit singles including Uthando, Egoliand Khumbula.

“I have travelled the world as an artist to promote my music in Namibia, Zambia the US, and the UK. I also experiment with acting with appearances on MorutiwaTsotsi and Tjovitjo on SABC 1.

 “I am also part of Soweto Revival (SRV), an artists' movement that aims to revive popular South African music personalities from Soweto and Dlala Mapantsula, an entertainment project that stages live Kwaito acts. My personal motto is Love, Peace and Happiness, the motto I share with the audience at live performances,” added Jakarumba.

In 2021, he released his new single, U Late, featuring Cargo. He has also partnered with a mineral bottled water company, Traditional Alkaline Mineral Water with Lavendus. Since partnering with the brand, they have infiltrated giant retailers and online stores including Makro and Takealot.

 Moreover, he has continued to invest in the youth by establishing a dance school in Meadowlands, Mampedi Hall focused on pantsula dance. Jakarumba continues to innovate and find new ways to cultivate and keep the tradition of pantsula and kwaito alive through his work. Currently, he is focused on the upcoming Trompies album, before refocusing on his own solo third studio album.

For booking call Vinolia Ganes (Label Manager) of Kalawa Jazzmee at 011 656 3574 or 074 867 7934. 

5 Feb 2023

All White Party 

Party animals at the annual Mogopeng Picnic in Uitkyk , on the 1 January which is one of the events that attracts people from around the province and other parts of the country.

5 Feb 2023

Seem sa Manyora

Skeem sa Manyora is the movement of young entrepreneurs social economic in entertainment . They are an inspiration to the youngsters and youth in Pella, Tlokweng, Madikwe, Phokeng, Tlhabane and other places in North West and  Gauteng province.